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Why Choose Us

We bring you the best value for your space while giving you maximum control. You decide your prices, availability, rules, and your interactions with guests.

Booking Made Easy

We bring the guests to you - our process is streamlined to provide the best experience to our hosts. We also secure your property by charging guests a security deposit to protect against accidents.

Safe and Secure

We ensure that all guests go through a secure checking system, requiring them to submit verified information before booking a space. For added security, you can also demand additional security checks.

How To Become a RentMyArea Host

1. List Your Place

Add photos and other details, set your price, and then your listing is ready to be seen by millions of people searching for space.

2. Welcome Your Guests

Directly contact your guests and accept their booking via the RentMyArea platform. Upon confirmation, your guests will receive basic information like address and WiFi code.

3. Earn Money

Guests are charged an upfront through RentMyArea’s secure payment system. Your income is directly deposited after each successful booking.

Keep Everything Under Control

Listing Management

Our Listing management system is specially designed to help you get your space in front of the most people searching for spaces like yours.

Booking System

This connects you directly with everyone from professional photographers to Fortune 500 companies that need places to meet, create, and celebrate.

Prices and Fees

You have full autonomy over your spaces. You set the price and requirements for every space you register on RentMyArea.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is now easier than ever to list your space on RentMyArea!

  • Click ‘Become a Host’ and register on RentMyArea.
  • After your account has been created, login with your account details. You will be redirected to your Dashboard.
  • Click on ‘Add New Listing’ and follow the instructions.

No, you don’t have to pay to host your space on RentMyArea. We only charge a service fee when your guest pays to rent your space. This means that we only make money when you do.

Anyone with a space can register to become a host on RentMyArea. Our agents will pay a visit to your space, and once it passes our inspections, it will be approved for display on RentMyArea. Thereafter, you can start making money with your space.

As the host, you reserve the right to decline a guest the permission to use your space. When a guests requests permission to use your space, you will get a notification after which you can choose to accept or decline the guest’s request.

Hosts can also cancel a reservation after accepting a guest’s request. In the event that a host has to cancel at the last minute, the host will be charged a minor inconvenience fee.

On RentMyArea, hosts are required to specify a security fee which the guests pay before using the space.

This security fee is used to repair any damages that may have been done to the space during its use and covers property damage and liability coverage in the event of damage to your space.

All Payments are executed on RentMyArea and we offer several payment options, including PayPal, Skrill, and Wire Transfer.

Additionally, RentMyArea does not accept deposit or installment payments. Guests are charged in full once the host confirms the guest’s booking request.

When a guest requests for a space, the notification shows up on your profile on RentMyArea. You can then send the guest a message either to ask for more details or to require more security.

When hosts receive a booking request from a guest on the website, a notification is sent to the host.

All the details about the booking are displayed, including the number of guests, number of pets, and the total price of the reservation. Hosts can then choose to either confirm or decline a booking request for whatever reason.

Based on the host’s decision, the guest may either move forward in the space or book a different space on RentMyArea.

List Your Space

Hosts, who are the space owners or individuals with unique and underutilized venues, can set up an account with us, provide their contact information so that the Rentmyarea team and intending space renters can easily get in touch with them, and list their spaces on the Rentmyarea platform


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