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Our Vision

To be a unique and reliable indigenously owned venue-finding website; to showcase our wide variety of locations to a global audience, and to foster tourism in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To provide individuals, businesses and organizations with readily available, creative and cost-effective rentable spaces that are perfectly suited for their meetings and events.


Our business philosophy is hinged on providing unmitigated professionalism and complete customer satisfaction, and our values of diligence and dedication ensure that we always deliver the best experience.

Our Story

We are dedicated to building innovative tools and resources that simplify the venue renting processes

There is a saying in Nigeria that no weekend ever passes by without an event in some part of the country, and that is true. Nigerians are social butterflies and are always ready for the next event. But in a clime full of young businesspeople and creatives, we know how to work as hard as we party.
At RentMyArea, we understand how difficult it is to find appropriate settings and spaces to use for events of ranging sizes – birthday parties, short-let apartments, film locations, birthdays, weddings, art shows, music videos, performances (such as concerts, recitals and screenings), and events like these.

Our personal experiences helped us understand how difficult it is to constantly toil under the extraordinary Nigerian sun in search of spaces that end up not meeting expectations. So we thoughts of ways to revolutionize the renting process – make the exercise less taxing with higher returns. Thus, RentMyArea was conceptualized.

The world is modern and even in countries like Nigeria, technology is creeping in and simplifying things. We are using technology to streamline the renting process in Nigeria.

Our platform allows guests to look through properties from the comfort of their homes or offices and on any device that they so choose.

We are revolutionizing the real estate industry by creating smaller circles, bridging the gap between property owners and their clients. Our team at RentMyArea does all the work- going out to take pictures of the spaces, so that all you need to do is browse, book a space, and then show up on the day of your event.
It is literally that easy!

Read From Our Hosts

I had no idea such quality of service could be attained in Nigeria. Everything was in order and I didn’t even need to do any running around on the day of my party. Thank you Rentmyarea.

Anna Andrews
Rent My Area Host

Rentmyarea gives you great value for money. The booking was completely hassle-free and space was just as described and displayed in the photographs online, it even looked better on the ground. I am very pleased.

Harold Warren
Rent My Area Host

I’m glad such a platform exists. I booked space from Rentmyarea for a very important meeting and I must admit that the booking was absolutely seamless. The service was amazing and I’m glad I found them.

Michelle Wright
Rent My Area Host

I have nothing but good things to say about Rentmyarea. It was an absolute pleasure working with them and they went above and beyond to make my event a success. I highly recommend them

Mike Forward
Rent My Area Host

The concierge team at Rentmyarea really made my event come to life. They were so professional and handled everything with expertise. I was so amazed at their quality of service.

John Quarter
Rent My Area Host

Book a space with Rentmyarea and I promise you won’t regret it. My friends and I are still talking about my birthday party that was hosted by their team. The party was amazing and everyone had a great time.

Jane Wrist
Rent My Area Host

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